Walnut Oil Serum 32ml


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Tutti London Walnut Oil Serum is a botanical intensive facelift.

Easily absorbed by the skin, this product is perfect for every skin type due to its light and comfortable texture.

Our serum firming and hydrating properties are pure magic for dry skin and ageing tissues, while its smoothing and plumping abilities, are loyal friends to younger skin types as a key product to prevent lines and wrinkles.

The unique formula combines top quality cold-pressed walnut oil with a blend of Macadamia, Argan and Baobab, and our Hyaluronic Acid that has botanical origin, it’s made by a yeast, soy and glucose bio-fermentation process and is Ecocert approved.

The serum’s secret weapon though, is the Spilanthes Acmella extract. Largely used in Asia and South America for its extensive anti-inflammatory properties, in cosmetology is loved for its incredible firming and smoothing abilities, so much that it has been renamed ‘Botox in a bottle’.

Use this magic wand on dry and clean skin as part of the Tutti London skincare ritual.

Tutti London is heavily involved in using only ethically sourced materials and our extracts are 100% natural and taken straight from the buds in order to preserve the plant.